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Hello, and thank you for stopping by. I have been designing for print, web and large display for the better part of 35 years, and the past 10 years have had the opportunity to produce video as well. Take a moment to look through a small sampling of my work of the past few years. I hope it will inspire you to consider me for your next design project.

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I have been designing award-winning and successful marketing communications campaigns since 1987. During that time, I have worked as a freelance design artist and production director and as Sr. Art Director and Marketing Manager for two major corporations and a leading advertising agency. My clients have included America Online, Texas Instruments, and Duron Paints, and presently I am leading the artistic design and production of commemorative pieces for the Washington Golf & Country Club, one of the nation's oldest such clubs and the site of many an outing by those important to our country's history. My Website designs for Overton & Associates and RMR Advertising, where I was Sr. Art Director for more than 15 years, won awards for design excellence. Other clients for whom I have designed and produced successful integrated campaigns, identity designs, logos, trade-show displays, and Websites are Art Matters, the Council of Better Business Bureaus, Abramson & Associates, Deutche Post Global Mail, the National Trust for Historic Preservation, and the American Association of Preferred Providers.